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Dependable Volkswagen 






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Get Your VW Running The Best It Ever Has

If you're in search of a Volkswagen repair shop that you can trust, you've come to the right place. How often are you stressed about your VW running rough or a light coming on frequently? We offer an affordable VW labor rate that is on average 30% less than dealerships with the same quality and transparency. Everything from regular maintenance like oil changes and VW suspension replacement, to complete engine diagnostics and Volkswagen brake repair.

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How We Can Help


Free Preventative Maintenance Scan

We provide a free preventative maintenance check & vehicle fault scan with every service to give you a heads up about upcoming Volkswagen maintenance needed.


Identify Oil Leaks

Starting to get a strange burning oil smell from your VW? Fix common oil leaks before they become worse.


VW Engine Diagnostics

Engine Misfiring? Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree? We'll give your VW a full scan and find the issue accurately.


VW Front & Rear Brakes

High-Quality VW brake jobs at a reasonable price. All OE-supplied parts & no outrageous VW part mark-ups.


Your Local Volkswagen

Repair Experts

We've serviced numerous Volkswagen vehicles at our VW repair shop in Methuen, MA. Our goal is to provide a high-quality and honest assessments of your vehicle. All of our Volkswagen repair services include a 30-day, 3k mile guarantee* while our OE-supplied parts have a 2-year, 24k-mile warranty*


Additionally, every VW service you complete with us you'll receive a free multi-point inspection as well as preventative maintenance scans to watch out for any upcoming maintenance needed for your Volkswagen. Whether your VW Jetta needs new brakes and an exhaust leak fixed, or your VW GTI needs a performance upgrade, give our Volkswagen mechanics a call today!

*Whichever Comes First​

  • Do You Service Brand New BMWs?
    Yes! All of our scan tools & equipment are certified to handle both old, and new BMWs. Although some maintenance may be covered under your manufacturers warranty, we can handle basic wear & tear maintenance not usually covered under warranties such as oil changes, tires, or brakes.
  • Can You Diagnose Electrical Issues On My BMW?
    Absolutely. Alex was a Master Certified BMW technician at a well-respected BMW dealership for over 8 years. He has worked on numerous vehicles diagnosing electrical issues from small to large.
  • How often should I bring my BMW in for service?
    The recommended service interval for BMWs varies depending on the model and year. Our technicians can provide you with a detailed service schedule based on your specific BMW.

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