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Turbo Upgrades

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Performance Part Installations & Upgrades

German Automotive Solutions offers a wide array of German performance installs & upgrades for your BMW M cars, Audi RS, Porsche, AMG, and Volkswagens. If you are seeking to increase the performance of your vehicle, upgrade your headlights, or install performance brakes, look no further! Our shop is fully equipped to tackle most upgrades for your car and provide factory-quality craftsmanship.

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Types of Performance Upgrades


Performance Exhausts

Exhausts are one of the most common performance upgrades, let get started on installing one on your vehicle!


Coilovers Installation

Want to change the height of your ride? We'll install coilovers to your desired height.


Performance Intake Systems 

High quality intake system installs can help increase flow and gain extra horsepower.


Performance Brake Installs

If you are upgrading your engine's horsepower, don't stop there. Get high performance brakes and stop on a dime.


German Performance Upgrade Specialists

We know a thing or two about performance. German cars are known for the top-notch performance, handling, and spirited driving. If your BMW 335i needs a new sport suspension or your Audi S5 could use a high-performance exhaust, give us a call to discuss your project.


Other common upgrades include suspension, turbo upgrades, intake systems, and more. We can provide honest advice and can help you get the best performance parts for your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, or VW.


We highly recommend you talk to us about your project before going ahead and buying your own parts. We'll give you a custom quote on what the best parts would be and the cost of labor for installation depending on the part, vehicle, and specs. We do not install performance parts unless they are from a reputable company we trust & recommend.

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